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For most screenplays an analysis with suggestions by an experienced screenwriter will move you forward. Irv Bauer gives you a detailed analysis of your script with specific insights and suggestions in person or by phone or Skype. Professional mentoring and story development with feedback on all aspects of the screenplay offered at both industry and student rates. Most beginning writers only have an idea, or a background to a story and consider that to be their story. Many screenwriters think that using the software will make their "story" a screenplay. Another common problem is that screenwriters overuse dialogue and do not employ the logic inherent to the visual form and playwrights, often don't know how to use the physical stage to its full potential.

"Irv Bauer's insights and suggestions are a huge benefit to me as a producer in knowing where a script may be solid or lacking." Steve Shapiro - Producer, New York

"Bauer's standards are high. His insights and arguments for the logic of each step are persuasive and right on. I ended up as Bauer promised, with "a full understanding of the process and a way to work" on my own material. If you are willing to work and are seriously interested in learning screen writing work with Irv Bauer!" M.D. - Producer, Commercials - New York

"Working with Irv Bauer I can tell you that he is a 1000% more interesting and practical and most importantly a real screenwriter with an amazing body of work (not simply a teacher) than anyone else and I know most of them." Z. S. - Writer, Los Angeles

"Irv Bauer is a force. He constantly challenges the story, the characters and their meaning on their deepest emotional level." Brad Furman - Director, Los Angeles

Adaptation from novel to screen requires a very particular understanding of the material and of what takes precedence when telling the same story in a visual medium. What you chose to leave in or leave out is the essence of adaptation.

One-on-One Tutorials: In person or by distance learning by phone and e-mail, the private tutorial offers the convenience of a personalized schedule.

Tutorials: Film and Theatre Script Writing

Script and Screenplay Consultation, Coaching and Analysis

Irv Bauer’s tutorials at both the professional level and for the beginner are about the core of the screenwriting process as well how the industry works from the writer’s POV.

“I could never have written my screenplay without Irv's expert tutoring. He is part language coach, part structural coach and part creative coach, plus a full-time cheerleader.“ - Nancy Lee, The New York Times

The flexibility and privacy of the One-on-One Tutorials is preferable for some people. Whether you are a professional writer or a beginning writer, mastering narrative for the screen story is a challenge. Developing a character for film calls for different considerations as does dialogue, as does story and the plotting of story. Every story has it’s own logic and only by gaining control of the tools of the craft will you become proficient enough to handle it's different demands. Organizing your material is often the stumbling block to successful scriptwriting. Telling a story depends very much on how the events in your story unfold, the choices you make and why.

The Development Stage for Playwrights

The development of other people's writing skills has been central to Irv Bauer’s philosophy of striving for good work. The Development Stage is a sympathetic, professional non-performance environment in which the use of the elements of craft and logic, support and motivate writers to focus on their intention and rewrite their own work. Within two weeks in five sessions, Irv walks the writer through a continual process of questioning, with insights and stimulus, that allow the writer to make his or her own adjustments. The "non-performance workshop", is an invaluable part of the development period and is a process started by Irv Bauer at the Minneapolis Playwrights Lab in the early '80's.

"Non-Performance" is at the service of the writer as the last stage of work, pre-production. "Non-Performance" works for the writer and for the producer and is the missing link in the generally accepted approach to producing.

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