Step-By-Step Scrennwriting with Irv Bauer
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Step-By-Step Screenwriting - The DVD

Step by step guide to writing a screenplay: taught by industry screenwriter and consultant and former NYU Film School teacher, Irv Bauer. Screenwriting from the inside out and not just theory. If you aren't able to attend a class or tutorial in person then this 4-disc DVD is what you need, the complete Screenwriting Course from Character to First Draft.

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The DVD is a full immersion into the mechanics of screenwriting taught by Irv Bauer, professional industry writer and consultant with vast teaching experience in LA, London and New York and at major colleges and universities around the world. The set includes 6 hours of practical, hands-on, stimulating and inspired video instruction, with an accompanying Workbook on CD-Rom of exercises and examples for each of the 10 sessions. After completing the course you will find the DVD an invaluable resource to return to again and again.


WHY IS IRV BAUER'S APPROACH DIFFERENT? Many screenwriting gurus give you a series of buzz words about structure and story before you have really understood the basics of developing a character, what constitutes dialogue in visual writing and the difference between an incident and story. Irv Bauer's course identifies all the pieces of the puzzle by giving you exercises to familiarize yourself with and to expand on, and practice, the elements of the Craft of Screenwriting. He then goes on to the second stage of the course, dealing with Idea, Story Structure, Plotting, the Treatment, and finishing the course with a First Draft.

NEW! One-on-One Exercise Review - "The Exercise Reviews, with Irv following each lesson on the DVD have been invaluable and worth every penny! They provide a layer of hands-on practicality to the technique he’s already laid out so well in the DVDs. Each lesson’s adjustments he gives you, equip you better to tackle the next lesson. His insights are priceless. His process makes so much sense. You really feel he wants you to understand screenwriting and to help you get your story on the page." Susan N. P. - freelance writer - New Mexico, USA The Consults put you directly in touch with Irv Bauer by phone/Skype and email wherever you are in the world. He will critique each of your ten exercises incrementally, giving you step-by-step adjustments to improve your work. Taking it out of theory, using exercises that you do in your own time, he gives you the logic and specificity germane to visual writing so you can transpose your ideas to the page and in full film format. In short... how you write a screenplay

"I do now see how right you are Irv! The "cardinal importance" of getting the "target emotional through line" identified and efficiently designed and written in the best way up front is now very clear to me! Now it is not just "theory" with me. I came out of the English Channel exhausted from the First Draft when you threw a towel over me and gave me an oxygen tank! I did it! I got out of the swimming pool of "theory", into the English Channel of actually conjuring scenes in full film format and actually "writing"! I feel I will grow very fast now because all my theory knowledge has now met your clear and proven development process techniques! Just a tremendous experience, worth every penny Irv! The decision to start first this way before writing my own script was indeed the right one!" - Craig P. - writer, PA.

IRV BAUER, has taught Screenwriting in the under-graduate for credit school year at New York University’s Film School, at Sarah Lawrence College, and The Australian National Film School as well as in Master Classes at Cornell and at many other prominent venues. At the University of Bridgeport and The Minneapolis Playwright’s Lab he taught Playwriting as well as at the New Dramatist's in New York. At the University of Washington he taught Adaptation at the graduate level. In addition, Irv has taught workshops and seminars on screenwriting all over the world including special seminars for film and media communities in London, Paris, Sydney and New York and Los Angeles. His enormously popular annual two-week Summer Screenwriting Intensive in New York in July and Spoleto, Italy in August are attended by students from all over the world.

Irv Bauer is the author of several screenplays among which are, The Elephant is Well, Captain of Paradise, Hunt and High Octane, as well as many commissioned rewrites for both Film and TV. On the animated series, Courage The Cowardly Dog for Cartoon Network, Irv was Senior Story Consultant as well as writer, for all four seasons. He is on a regular basis called upon to consult on screenplays at various stages of production both in the United States and in other parts of the world. His many plays include, A Dream Out of Time produced at the Promenade Theatre in New York, A Fine and Private Place at The Showboat Theatre in Seattle, the book of the Broadway bound musical version of the film An American In Paris and the Broadway musical Rollin’ on the TOBA.

Irv Bauer's schedule of ongoing private classes, professional tutorials and one-on-one basic level tutorials have been fully enrolled for the last fifteen years.

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