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Especially good news this year is that four of our screenwriters completed short films. Anja Murmann's (NY 2005 and earlier at the NYU Film School) released her short film 'The Mistress' in February http://vimeo.com/89059970 it has been screened at various Film Festivals. Young Dovid Sokolov (NY 2012 to 2014) started thinking in terms of filming one of his ideas and realized his dream this summer in his short film 'Feeling Around.' He is in post-production at the moment. Also in post is Maria Wilson’s (NY 2010) film 'At Sundown.' Steve Shapiro (Spoleto 2006) was a co-producer on the recently released 'November Man' with Pierce Brosnan. Donata Carelli started filming her first feature film the week we left Italy. Gotzon (NY 2009) successfully negotiated his MikroFilm Festival for Edinburgh next year http://www.mikrofilmfestival.com/en/trailer-2014/. Nuran Evren Sit (NY 2012) continues her successful screenwriting career for Turkish film and television and Samuel Marx from this year's group finished his excellent first short, a documentary called 'Mechanic' http://vimeo.com/113957163

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