TESTIMONIALS – 2014 New York and Spoleto, Italy

Sam M: writer, advertising, NY - Working with Irv Bauer is a pleasure and a privilege. Through my sessions with Irv, I've discovered vital steps in the screenwriting process. I quickly learned that writing great dialogue isn't everything. Irv urged me to allow my dialogue to play a supporting role to the all-important visual. Irv will surprise you with what you find yourself capable of. Pre-writing, building out characters and constantly questioning your own work are all tools that have improved my writing and will continue to be my guide as I discover new ideas and approach new projects.

J Olesen: Graduate Film Studies - UC Denmark - Irv is an inspiring teacher and a dedicated writer. I would highly recommend his workshop to anyone who is serious about screenwriting.

Valerie L. short-story writer, NY - Screenwriting is writing in the active form. That's what I learned from Irv. No compositional writing. No explanation. Nothing arbitrary. In a way the opposite of all my training in Creative Writing...it was a struggle, until it became fun!

Juha: journalist, writer, TV-presenter, Helsinki, Finland - The Irv Bauer two-week intensive workshop in Spoleto was intense and really impressive. A small group of highly motivated students followed an easy step-by-step approach into unknown territory. Like everyone I had studied some books about the basics. But books cannot give you what face-to-face lessons with a master teacher like Irv Bauer with his unbeatable experience, knowledge and passion can.

I learned a lot from the lessons, from the exercises and a lot from the discussions over the unforgettable lunches. In just two weeks I learned the whole new language of screenwriting and was able to write a 23-page First Draft of a short film. The script included all the things I had only a theoretical vague idea of beforehand. Now definitions like characters, locations, slug lines, scenes, dialogue, transitions and so on are active tools in my writing.

The original method Irv Bauer uses is extremely effective. You learn how to use your new tools like set up, build, pay off, step outline and the treatment and start to create ideas methodically in advancing from the initial idea towards the full script.

What made the biggest impression was Irv´s way to teaching and insistence on the logic of visual storytelling. He showed me that writing a script is a certain way of thinking, something that you can’t learn from books, that the ability to visualize your story is necessary instead of depending on dialogue. It is using another side of your brain. I loved it. He pulled the best out of us and we were surprised. Irv Bauer's course is a giant leap towards your eventual goal.

Gisele T: project consultant, Ottawa, Canada - The course content was excellent and it met my expectations.

Cecilio Simmons: writer, NY - Thank you Irv Bauer for the discipline, the techniques, the courage and the confidence, in my ability to paint a picture through words.

Georgia J: writing student, UK, New Zealand - I arrived at Irv's door in Greenwich Village thinking, hoping, praying I was a writer. I sat down and knew it was going to be about much more than taking lovely words and jamming in a camera. I scribbled a lot of illegible notes. I probably should have listened more than I wrote. I was nervous, but knuckled down with each day's exercise, every task demanding from me a marathon effort. Irv taught me learnt how to think differently. From a re-imagined starting point, I'm now practicing visual writing to integrate pictures and prose. I know I've barely dipped a toe in the kiddie's pool of screenwriting, but with gold dust insight from Irv and a notebook stuffed with new knowledge, I feel compelled to finish what I started and continue implementing the thought processes he so generously shared. Thank you Irv and Vimi for deconstructing a world I so desperately sought and still seek to understand.

Chris Boni: video-artist, filmmaker, Toronto, Canada - Having produced a few art house films prior to working with Irv, my relationship to scriptwriting was prioritized to be read technically for camera. I treated the script as an extensive shot list that included dialogue! Irv humorously credited that as nonsense and assured me to trust his approach to screenwriting, which was a direct, poignant simplification of the films vision, utilized best by the talent and camera alike.

Maria Wilson: actor, photographer, filmmaker, NY - We just got back from filming upstate. The shoot went really well!! I’m very happy with what we got. The shooting schedule got very tight because there was rain on some days so I’m very happy we were able to tighten my script in the work I did with you Irv. I never would have had enough time or stayed within the budget if I had kept all those extraneous chunks of dialogue! Thank you Irv Bauer.

Gotzon Aurrekoetxea: filmmaker, Bilbao, Spain - Next year, 2015 there will be a MikroFilm short festival in Edinburgh, a really breath-taking city. As time goes by and I have more perspective on the course I did in NY with you Irv I realize that I learnt much more than I’d have ever imagined and I will be forever thankful for that.

Dovid Sokolov: film student, NY/Israel - Irv provides a screenwriting process that is simple and puts you on a track that will lead to product the only ingredient that is required is your creative input. Irv, as a teacher, understands what it is like to be a struggling writer and knows how to get around the roadblocks that many writers experience. So when I was in a creative rut Irv was always able to advance the progress of my script because of his impeccable scriptwriting insight and revising skills that allowed him to instantly diagnose the problem in my script. Irv would then push me in the right direction without giving me the answer, allowing me to learn from my mistakes while subtly feeding me the key techniques of the craft like showing rather than telling, cutting the fat of the story and making sure that I question that the writing is dramatically sound as well as practical to film. His expertise helped me tremendously throughout the writing of my short film, which was cut from 25 pages to just 12 pages for a much more practical and a poignant script. Without Irv's supervision and method I would have been feeling in the dark for answers that would have taken me years to figure out on my own and the production of the short film would have been a complete train wreck. The teaching and mentoring has given me a way to confidently attack a creative idea and translate it into a script on the page. I immensely enjoyed Irv’s classes and recommend working with Irv Bauer to anyone wanting to take screenwriting seriously.

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