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The Advanced Script Writing Program is the result of fine-tuning my teaching process over recent years. As many know I believe the “what comes next” approach is for amateurs. What I teach is not theory, it is a practical, well thought out way forward in writing a script. A process I use myself, a process that will serve any serious writer working on film-worthy material.

Yet I still found something lacking in the work of alumni, in the work done outside the class environment. The results in real, practical, workable short screenplays weren’t where I wanted them to be, hoped they would be, and I didn’t know why. This past year the penny dropped and the results are in!

The differential for continuing writers was the pre-writing period. I’ve made the “pre-writing” period, which I teach as the first part of my process, a requirement for going forward. With this addition to the work three short screenplays, Maria Wilson’s, Dovid Sokolov’s and Anja Murmann’s, all now successfully developed, produced and filmed prove the value and absolute necessity of pre-writing.
Thinking like a writer right from the get go, without my guidance, is my ultimate aim for all my students.

The new Advanced Program involves starting at the Idea stage, which as my continuing students know, is the second part of my process. Starting with an already accumulated reservoir of material the form of all the “pre-writing” bits of dialogue, parts of scenes, character insights, not just in your head but on the page, all as preparation for the “story” stage of the process which is where the Advanced Program begins. The Program is exclusive to writers that have already worked with me. The number of writers I will work with within a 3 month period as always, will be small, a maximum of 5. The program is also well suited to Distance Learning. I will block out time for each writers’ work to be completed with a schedule based on our mutual convenience. I am excited about the Program and look forward to hearing from many of you...Irv

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