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“ I really loved Irv's method and thought it made us achieve stuff that I found really impressive. ”...2012 NY Summer ...Gregory Wicky - journalist, Switzerland

“ A wonderful course and great experience. Truly one of the best decisions I have made. ”...2011 NY Summer ... Serena Hope Sun - actress/reporter, LA/Philadelphia

“ I enjoyed very much the course and the group. I'll remember this experience for a very, very long time. Irv is a very good teacher! ”...2011 Spoleto, Italy ... Claudia Marinelli - novelist, Rome, Italy

“ Irv you are a fantastic teacher. I will always remember your passion for your job and care for me. ” ... 2011 Spoleto, Italy Lidia Nuzzolese - teacher, Melbourne, Australia.

“Irv's New York two-week Intensive has taught me so many valuable tools, I now know why I have done what I did before, and how I should proceed. It's amazing to have this new insight and understanding of the writing process and the actual craft of screenwriting.” Sabina Fobian Hansen, Writer, Denmark

“I found Irv's One Day Seminar very helpful and informative. Mostly, what was interesting to me is that he had his own approach and not one that is canned and from a book...particularly that the characters and story needs to vest inside you for a while until you are ready to write. There has been a short film that has been stewing in me for a while and this day was what I needed to begin the process of writing it. A great program!” Maryanne Grisz, Independent Producer/New York City

“Before I met Irv I mostly wrote only prose. Any attempts at screenwriting didn't come to fruition because I didn't know the craft and I didn't have a system for getting my ideas organized and on paper. Irv's teaching methods are amazing and the approach he gives you is empowering; his course has changed my writing life.” Jack, Cinematographer, Atlanta, GA

“Having written non-fiction all my working life I approached writing fiction and dialogue with some trepidation. Irv is an absolutely stunning teacher and with his unique steps to get us all to produce a 20 minute film script by the end of two weeks, no mean feat. I now feel confident that I can indeed write fiction and dialogue!” Suzi, Writer, Brighton, UK

Summer Screenwriting - Spoleto, Italy

“I highly recommend the Spoleto Screenwriting Workshop with Irv Bauer. The classes are small, well organized and offer new ways to approach Screenwriting that you will not find in books. The tranquil setting provides the perfect atmosphere for creativity. Vimi is a wonderful hostess and will make sure that you experience the magic of Spoleto. This was an unforgettable experience.” Shari Cartun, AETN Television Networks.

“Studying screenwriting with Irv Bauer in Spoleto was one of the most joyous educational experiences of my life. He took me from zero to the completion of a short screenplay in just two weeks!” Tonda Marton, International Literary Agent

“I had an unforgettable experience at Irv Bauer's Spoleto Screenwriting Workshop! I thoroughly enjoyed Irv's lessons, my fellow classmates, the beautiful town of Spoleto, the delicious food, and the opportunity to spend two weeks focusing on my writing. At the end of the workshop, I came away with a final product that I could be really proud of, as well as a deeper and clearer understanding of the screenwriting process. Attending the Spoleto workshop was one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made. Thanks, Irv!” Jean Estevez - Atlanta, GA

“As an independent film producer, I have worked on dozens of film projects and read hundreds of screenplays, and Irv Bauer's screenwriting course was a huge benefit to me. I came into the two week intensive training sessions with a set of loosely constructed notions about screenwriting, and through Irv's patient, yet firm (even frank) tutelage and discourse, I was able to gain a fresh perspective on the screenwriting process. This is of major importance to an indie filmmaker, since most decisions in the indie world are based on gut instinct. Rewrites and development are luxuries and the weight of a project is on the vision of the writer/director, so a producer's initial take on and understanding of, a screenplay, is critical. Once you learn and understand Irv’s method, you can more easily look at any script and see where some of the fundamentals may be solid or lacking. ” Steve Shapiro, Producer/Independent Films – NY

“Irv Bauer's Screenwriting Workshop is an intense and transformational experience. You not only go through an incredible journey in the screen writing process, Irv teaches you a new way to think about the world we live in and how art should be created.” Sue Mirialakis, Corporate Communications/Playwright - Westchester, NY

“On Dec 6, 2001, my life changed as a writer when on the first day of a screenwriting course at Sarah Lawrence College I met my teacher Irv Bauer. I followed him to Spoleto, Italy the next year. He is a genius in the field.” Joe Di Roma, NY Screenwriter

“I couldn't believe what Irv Bauer accomplished in a short period of time. He worked simply, explaining the logic of visual expression in a way that made it available and possible to use immediately. He also tells good stories.” Dominique Othenin-Girard, Film Director, Rome - Guest Speaker at Workshop

“Irv gave me what I sorely needed: structure, guidance, a way to shape and contain the material. The class and exercises were so well designed and presented -- simple, sensible, organic, salty and peppery, and fun (without the hype and hoopla that I associate with the film world) -- that I feel I received the gift of a wonderful tool, like scissors if you've been trying to cut cloth with your teeth all your life. It was truly a wonderful time!” K.M. Chen, Playwright, New York

“My whole orientation was theatre. I knew minimally about film. I also had resistance, I think it was fear, Irv took the mystery out of the visual form; he made it easy for me even when I got it wrong. I loved it.” Barbara Tarnoff, Theatre Director, Philadelphia

“This screenwriting workshop gives the writer the tools to create from scratch. You come with no pre-conceived notions about story, character or plot. Irv Bauer’s method, reminiscent of Aristotle’s approach to theatre, guides the writer without cumbersome instruction or ambiguous outlines; Irv taps into the writer's own unique insight and inspires his or her ingenuity with valuable counsel. Forget the books written by instructors who have never done the work. With Irv's experiences, the combination of the majesty of Spoleto, and the great food, you will come away with one of the greatest experiences of your life and Vimi makes sure there is little to worry about save your screenplay.” Stuart Fail, author of “Pause”

“Rarely does a workshop professional make themselves available for daily consultation as Irv does. This clearly supports the course content delivered in the morning sessions and makes a big difference given the diverse group. The workshop was a wonderful opportunity to both work with professionals and try my hand at a new genre.” Cynthia Clough, Writer/Educator - Perugia, Italy

“Spoleto is a perfect place to conjure up all sorts of magical visions and fantasies and Irv is a true master of his craft. His simple direct approach was exactly what I needed to complete my first screenplay. Ultimately, this workshop has been the most positive life-altering experience of my life. Thank you Irv!” Julie Butler, Marketing Communications Consultant/Magazine Editor, CT

“Irv's expertise and personal style not only make for an enlightening workshop where you actually produce, but a fun one as well! "Workshop" only partly describes the objective. Irv’s, method, has opened me up to a new way of thinking about writing, about everything.” Mark Hild - Educational Consultant, CA

“It certainly was an experience. I do not know what to praise first, Irv Bauer's no BS, elegantly simple method which allows you to learn essential script writing in two weeks or those incredible four and five course meals at lunch with not a single dish repeated in the two weeks, or, the lovely medieval city of Spoleto itself.” Joseph Gueron - Senior Analyst, Washington DC

“Toward the end of my trip, feeling completely content with my new skills in screenwriting, as well as the sights, sounds and tastes of Italy, I told my classmates that when I returned home I wouldn't know where to begin my story if someone asked me how my trip was. Irv then aptly quipped, 'Start with the appetizer.'” Jeanette Reed - Director PR, NY

“I call Irv Bauer ‘My Master’ of creative bliss. Hand in hand, he walks you through the dark tunnel of the writer's block, and he sets you free in the end. The location Irv and Vimi chose for us, SPOLETO, offers nothing less of the promise of the secret Shangri-La: the serenity of the Convent and the Roman town beyond; the divine richness of the tastes of multi courses Italian cuisine and the genuine warm and almost innocent smile of its people. Drop everything, and go with Irv and Vimi. I say this only once! Touched by ‘the Angel’, I have been smiling all alone in my dream, ‘I am the lucky one!’” Joanne Cheng, Chinese American Filmmaker, Beijing/New York

“I'm working on my first draft and very excited about sending it to Irv. The workshop was much more than a screenwriting experience! I really loved it.” Patricia Lopes - Advertising, Sao Paolo, Brazil

“Working with Irv Bauer in Spoleto was probably the most creative and productive two weeks I have ever spent. What he teaches his students is the structure of script writing. What he gives his students is the support to be emotionally honest in their writing. What is required of the participants in the workshop in Spoleto is the willingness to meet the challenge to grow and produce good work.” Jancy Ball, Independent Producer, Production Manager, Member - Women In Film

“Studying screenwriting in Spoleto with Irv Bauer was one of the most valuable experiences I can remember. The delightful town of Spoleto, nestled in the almost spiritual hills of Umbria will incite anyone's Muses; the food in Spoleto will awaken your palate to the glories of Italian cuisine; and Irv Bauer will help you hone the craft of writing screenplays so that art can be created out of such a pleasurable experience!” Valerie Livingston, M.F.A student, Oakland, CA

“This is a complete course about screenwriting. From the birth of ideas, to the full professional script. Spoleto is an incredible town full of beauties and mysteries that lead us in the process of creating and living. Irv teaches us how to work with the images and the symbols of real life, how our own reality shall be our starting point, and how cinema depends on it. Thank you for the great experience.” Pedro Miranda Salim - Filmmaker/Brazil

“The Spoleto writing workshop offered me a simple and clear process to begin writing a screenplay. I have used the ‘Bauer process’ in my acting and my TV communications skills classes this past semester.I plan to continue to include Irv's process for years to come-because it works!!” Brian Tivnan, College Teacher, Massachusets

Workshops/Tutorials - New York

“A master teacher, Irv Bauer has the rare ability to break down the craft of screenwriting into an understandable step by step process. Highly entertaining and extremely knowledgeable, Bauer synthesizes his many years of experience, giving students the tools they need to develop their work from character sketch to finished screenplay. His is a dynamic hands-on approach that yields extremely gratifying results.” Eileen Kurtis-Kleinman, student Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College

“Being taught by someone who is passionate about his craft and is willing to share his knowledge, experience and wisdom prepares you to take a serious plunge into writing a film script, that, “everyone thinks they can do.” Guess what? They can't. Irv guides you through exercises that give you the whys and hows of screenwriting and the intricacies demanded of a solid screenplay. No false promises, no unnecessary stroking -- just the keys to the kingdom! And, being in New York for two weeks, everything taken care of was great!” Phyllis Cohn - Magazine writer, Maine

“Kudos and kisses for Irv Bauer and his KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) screen writing course. It definitely ain't a bombastic, boring lecture in a large forum. It's a hands-on, minds-on, writing workshop. You write from day one, and Irv makes it fun.” Robert E. Lee, Screenwriter, Editor and Feature Writer for Long Beach Style Magazine

“Forget the hype and the jargon. If you are serious about writing for film, learn the craft of screenwriting from Irv Bauer. His approach to organizing the material was a breakthrough for me, as was learning to think visually. It all came within reach and in an extraordinarily short time. It was also a lot of fun and has helped me in all my writing, I write everything in a more interesting way having taken Irv's class.” Douglas Yeager, Producer, NY

“Irv explains exactly how to create, develop, and guide your very own fictional world. His experience and knowledge make him the ideal mentor, and his 'visual approach' to writing, is a crucial facet in writing for the screen. No matter how hip and creative you are, you're nothing without the 'craft'. I entered this course thinking I knew how to write a screenplay, but I left actually knowing how to write one.” Gordon Tepper, NY Screenwriter

“After having completed a BFA at New York University Film School, I would like to personally thank Irv Bauer for the one on one care he always showed during his classes. He is one of the most helpful and caring teachers and has continued to be a mentor to me. I hold Irv largely responsible for my success in my chosen career, without him I would be in a totally different place. He made script writing fun.” Martin Kovel, Producer/Director; Sydney, Australia

“I cannot thank Irv enough for such a rewarding experience. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the workshop. Irv is a terrific instructor and storyteller. I also miss Amelia and Sparrow. I will continue to highly recommend this workshop to any one interested in learning the craft of scriptwriting/screenwriting. Thank you again.” Anna Lisa Lundin-Sikora - Technical Writer, NJ

“I really had a wonderful time last year and I learnt a lot. Your lessons were really brilliant and I still keep on writing short sketches. I have recommended you to my friends, so maybe in future you will have more Spanish students.” Amelia Orea - Teacher, High School Film Studies/Madrid, Spain

Workshops/Tutorials - Los Angeles

“Irv is a master storyteller and an inspirational teacher. He teaches screenwriting with wisdom and exuberance. I learned more from him in a ten-session class than I did in three years of film school.” Kim Kowsky, The Los Angeles Times, Writer

“As a powerful antidote to the Hollywood meat grinder school of screenwriting Irv Bauer's workshop is indispensable. You won't find pat templates, or tired plot-by-numbers schematics, but a unique method combining the tools working writers have been utilizing for centuries, all presented in concise, easy steps. Having studied under Irv when he was a professor at NYU, and returning for a refresher course after years in the business, I was surprised to see that many of the techniques I employ regularly -- and have come to think of as my own -- actually came from Irv. A reaffirmation of his methods helped me reclaim that sine qua non of all successful writers -- passion. Thanks Irv.” Stephen Beckner, Writer/Director, Los Angeles

“Irv Bauer will give you all the necessary tools and teach you the craft of screenwriting like no other and also create an environment of collaboration, support and comfort which will make developing your screenplay a fascinating and pleasant learning experience.” Philippe Ney, Hollywood Producer, Screenwriter, Editor

“Irv Bauer takes screenwriting out of the cerebral and puts it into the practical. I hear from people about all of these "famous" writing courses, they get so jazzed while in the class/seminar but then realize it was more cerebral and theoretical and they can't figure out how to practically apply it once out of class.” Carlotta Schoch, Actress, Screenwriter, Producer

“Irv Bauer is the best hands-on screenwriting teacher in the business. He doesn't dictate. He's flexible. He knows that every work is different. His experience and guidance elevated my work.” Robert K. Wilcox, Author, Journalist, Screenwriter, Editor

“I have studied with Irv and grown as a screenwriter and stage writer ... Now if he only taught music I'd have a hit musical!” Jane McNealy, Composer

Tutorials, Consulting & Development Stage

“A friend suggested I work with Irv Bauer. We started from scratch. He took me step by step through character development, plot structure, set nuances, advancement of action, tension peaks, surprise revelations, all within his basic course structure. Now I had an understanding of the process. In our next tutorial he led me through a bigger work I had in the wings. The same steps but an expanded level which I could not have done without the Basic level first. Irv took me through the changes and rewrites and finally, after crafting a well synchronized ending I could feel that my work was now a viable theatrical endeavor.” Maura Dausey, Playwright, Producer/Advertising

“I could never have written my screenplay without Irv's expert tutoring. He is part language coach, part structural coach and part creative coach, plus a full-time cheerleader.” Nancy Lee, The New York Times, VP

“A tutorial with Irv is gathering words thoughtfully and carefully over a period of time, delineating the characters and shaping a plot until finally the material takes on a life of its own. I have been a writer for many years and Irv is simply the best teacher I have ever had.” Alice Kuhns, Playwright, Theatre Critic, Los Angeles

“Irv Bauer's Non-Performance workshop was invaluable. It helped me realize the full potential of my play. It was exciting to see my project grow from a potentially strong piece into a work that was even stronger than I had imagined. Not only did I gain insights into the play but insights into myself as a playwright.” Richard Gordon, Award Winning Playwright and Poet, Los Angeles

The Development Stage

“What a revelation to finally hear my play read by wonderful, professional actors. I saw where things worked well where they didn't and why Irv was so right in wanting the cut that I so staunchly resisted!” Maura Dausey, Playwright, New York

“As an actress and writer who has participated in Irv's non performance workshops, I can say that Irv has pioneered a unique, personal "system" for writing, both plays and screenplays that is accessible and produces tangible results. As Irv says, writing is about writing, physically sitting down and doing it. He leads his writers in a step by step process of examination. The result is, the flair, the poetry and weight the writer has meant to bring to the work now also makes sense, so it moves the audience in the direction the writer meant for it to go in. What more could one ask?” Carlotta Schoch, Actress, Screenwriter, Independent Producer, Los AngelesMaura Dausey, Playwright, New York

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