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Irv Bauer teaches an in-depth practical screenwriting process. You will focus on how to build your characters, how to build story structure particular to visual writing, all you need to master to write a professional screenplay which is a complex multilayered skill-set that is unlike any other form of Creative Writing. Internationally known as an educator, screenwriter and frequent script doctor and screenwriting consultant to the film industry, Irv Bauer earlier also taught one of the most popular undergraduate courses at the prestigious NYU Film School. The Basic course is now also available on a
4-disc DVD.

“I'm working on the first draft of my own screenplay now and very excited about sending it to Irv. The workshop was a full screenwriting experience! I really loved it.” Patricia Lopes - Advertising, Sao Paolo, Brazil

Summer Intensive - New York

Stimulated by the creative energy of this amazing city this short screenwriting course in New York in July, offers the ideal way to study the craft of writing for film. Come with no preconceived ideas, a blank piece of paper and learn the key elements of the craft in a step-by-step process, completing a short screenplay in Full Film Form by the end of the course. And,* as a bonus, you will have an extraordinary insider experience of The Big Apple! Read More...

Summer Intensive - Spoleto, Italy

Inspired by the great beauty of this extraordinary medieval town this summer screenwriting intensive in August provides the atmosphere for you to focus on the craft of screenwriting. Be ready to work on fresh material, bring a laptop and learn the tools in a step by step process, completing a short screenplay in Full Film Form by the end. What's more you'll enjoy a special insider experience of Bella Italia!


Our Writers

Our writers have come from Amman, Jordan; London, UK; Kenya and Australia; Boston, Beijing, China; Colorado, Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Princeton, Washington, DC; New York, Santa Fe, New Mexico, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Indiana, Kansas, Manchester, UK; San Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Salzburg, Austria; Hamburg, Germany and more. Our Workshops and Productions have been conducted all over the world including Los Angeles, Ca; Sydney, Australia; New Delhi, India; and Paris, France.

Script Consulting for Stage/Screen

Inspiration will only take you so far. Most scripts are really only ideas for scripts or backgrounds with related incidents. Finding the story and shaping the story are the keys. Read More...

The Development Stage for Playwrights

The Development Stage is a sympathetic, professional environment where writers are encouraged, supported and motivated to focus on their intention and rewrite their own work. Within two weeks and five sessions, by using the elements of craft and careful logic, as the conductor, Irv Bauer walks the writer through a continual process of questioning, insights and stimulus that allow the writer to make his or her own adjustments. Read More...

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